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Next-Gen Classy.
Here is the new Nightshift.


So fresh. So unmistakably Scrambler.
The new Icon is here for you.

Full Throttle

The Fastest Look in the City.
Here is the new Full Throttle.

Meet the Family

There’s a Scrambler for every attitude. Which one’s yours?

Future comes in colors
Full Throttle
The Fastest Look in the City
Next-Gen Classy
Are you ready for a new era?

Here comes the new Scrambler 1100 PRO.

The Land of Joy

A universe made of music, food, lifestyle.
And an endless amount of fun.

It's a joy to wear

The Scrambler apparel. The perfect mix of riding comfort, lifestyle and self-expression.

Your one and only

The wide and complete range of Scrambler accessories lets everyone express their style and create something unique.

It's a joy to play

Our rumbling sounds. Radio Ducati Scrambler is the echo of freedom, passions and experiences.

Wall of Joy

Words and pics shared from all over the Land of Joy.